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Are there wineries in Cabo?

[fa icon="calendar"] May 13, 2015 2:21:00 PM / by Kaitlin Segal



Typicallly when you think of Mexican cocktails or bervarages, you would think of a nice cold cervesa, margaritta, or shot of tequilla. What many people don't know is that Mexico has quite an extensive list of prestigious wines.

The Baja country side is lined with many gorgeous vineyards.  The Guadalupe Valley in northern Baja, a 1-2 day drive from Cabo, has a similar climate to Nappa Valley.  Now you don't need to hop in your car and venture that far away from Cabo, if you visit Cabo in mid January you can attend the International Wine Festival held in Cabo! This is a fun festival focused on the wines from the region, and your perfect opportunity to sample them all. 

There actually is a winery in Cabo.  You can spend the afternoon at Los Cabos Winery, just a few blocks from the town center offering wine tastings, a wine store and a wine lounge/restaurant. 


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