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Top 5 Essentials to Pack When Visiting Cabo!

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 30, 2015 12:06:23 AM / by Kaitlin Segal

Are you getting ready for your dream holiday to Cabo?

I am here to help you through your packing stress with a top 5 list of the essentials you must bring with you to Cabo. 

Top 5 Essentials to Pack When Visiting Cabo:

1. Bathing Suit

2. Sunscreen 

3. E-reader or a great book

4. Wide brimmed hat

5. Advil/tylenol/aleve (morning after one too many margaritas!) 


There are of course many other things you will want to pack, but you can survive on the above if you are looking for a relaxing holiday in the Cabo sun! 

If you need help deciding where you should eat while you are in Cabo, download my free restaurant guide

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